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FlashFXP v.4.4.3 - удобный FTP-клиент

 Выпущена новая версия популярной и очень удобной программы FlashFXP, которая позволяет кроме традиционных для ftp-клиентов функций по загрузке файлов с локальной машины на сайты и обратно, управлять пересылкой файлов между отдельными серверами (FXP). Имеется поддержка докачки после разрыва связи, синхронизации директорий на локальной и удаленной машине, планирование работы клиента во времени и многое-многое другое. 

В новой версии обновлен OpenSSL до версии 1.0.1f, исправлено большое количество ошибок, повышено быстродействие, •Fixed several minor issues that were доработан интерфейс и т.д. 

Что нового в FlashFXP
  • обновлен OpenSSL до версии 1.0.1f,
  • исправлено большое количество ошибок,
  • повышено быстродействие,
  • доработан интерфейс.

FlashFXP v4.4.3.2027 @ 11/19/2013
4.4.3 Maintenance release
  • Fixed an application crash which could sometimes be triggered by the loss of connection or disconnecting from the remote server.
  • Fixed a crash on shutdown that prevented FlashFXP from cleanly closing and sometimes leaving processes running in the background, this was caused by a missing sanity check in the destructor of our threaded timer pool.
  • Fixed an issue in the Site Manager that could trigger an access violation when selecting some sites followed by a group. The A/V was caused by code responsible for updating the bookmarks listview control. Specifically when clearing the items.
  • Fixed an issue in the Site Manager that could trigger an access violation when using the search bar at the top of the window. The A/V was caused by a the tear down routine that cleared the treeview and updated treeview with matching sites.
  • While reviewing the code changes that were implimented to solve the incomplete upload problem I discovered a mistake that failed to deallocate a timer ID from our timer pool (when the object.reset method was called object.remove, resetting the object to the inital state changed the timer ID) and as a result eventually the timer pool became full, disgarding any new requests for a timer ID. As a result some UI elements such as progress bars, the status window console, etc didn"t update.
FlashFXP v4.4.2.2019 @ 10/31/2013
4.4.2 Maintenance release
  • Fixed issue with screen reader support library causing FlashFXP to crash when opening the about box.
  • Fixed issue on the queue > item edit dialog where the selective transfer list did not update after making changes via the selective transfer dialog. (i.e. adding/removing rule sets)
  • Fixed issue with the En-queue -> "Move Folder Content" feature, if the target folder didn"t already exist there was no attempt to create it and often this caused the whole operation to fail, now If the target folder doesn"t exist then it will be created.
  • Fixed an issue selecting a custom toolbar button style that would result in an access violation and then crash FlashFXP.
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases the SSL session context object wasn"t freed from memory resulting in a memory leak. This occurred on servers such as drftpd where the data connection was established with a slave server.
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases the local browser wasn"t refreshed fast enough after renaming a file or folder.
  • Fixed an issue where sending a LIST -alR via a raw command would cache the recursive directory listing as the current folder.
  • Fixed an issue where in a rare situation the cached content would contain the content from another directory, this occurred after a directory was deleted by another user on the server or from within another session and then changing into the directory resulting in a change directory failure and followed by list.
  • When an application password is set and the user forgets the password, after 3 failed attempts the user is now prompted to reset their settings and site profiles and start with a clean set of data files. The password protected data files are automatically backed up as a FlashFXP backup file (fbk) to allow for restoration sometime in the future if the user finds or remembers the password.
  • Fixed some issues with installing updates via LiveUpdate. Depending on which build you upgrade from these fixes might not be immediately noticeable.
  • Fixed local browser shortcut handling issue that caused a folder shortcut to open in a new window.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting the login type "prompt for password" would switch to "anonymous" if the username field was blank, The correct behavior would have been to prompt for both the username and the password.
  • Added 4096 KB and 8192 KB as possible TCP/IP Buffer sizes.
  • Fixed an issue where if the previous site used a custom TCP/IP Buffer size and the new site uses (default) the previous site value was used instead of (default).
  • This release addresses 3 memory access read errors that could lead to internal memory corruption within FlashFXP.
  • Fixed a couple issues with the schedule > edit task dialog when scheduling and/or editing existing tasks.
  • This update addresses an issue that could result in incomplete file uploads under some conditions.
  • Fixed multiple crashes when closing FlashFXP from 3rd party software.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to browse non-file-system locations.
  • Fixed an issue preventing scheduled tasks from being saved or edited.
  • Fixed an access violation error in the "calculate ftp space used" dialog.

Windows FTP Client
4.4.3 build 2031
Release Date:
4.4 MB
$29.95 USD
Operating Systems:
Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Скачать FlashFXP v.4.4.3 можно тут (Shareware,WindowsAll):

Опубликовано 16.01.14

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