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Microsoft выпустит планшет Surface Pro 5

Готовящийся к выпуску планшет Microsoft — Surface Pro 5 — будет оснащаться процессорами Intel Core седьмого поколения под кодовым именем Kaby Lake, дисплеем с разрешением 2K, графической подсистемой Nvidia Pascal или AMD Polaris, разъемом USB Type-C, новым световым пером Surface Pen и улучшенными камерами, сообщает Mobipicker. В максимальной комплектации Surface Pro 5 будет оснащен 16 ГБ оперативной памяти. Это вдвое больше, чем доступно сейчас (8 ГБ).

Surface Pro 4

Также сообщается, что новый Surface Pro будет предложен в конфигурации с дисплеем формата 4K. Формату 4K (или Ultra HD) соответствует разрешение 3840 2160 пикселей, тогда как формату 2K — 2560 x 1440 пикселей.

Работать планшет будет под управлением Windows 10 с обновлением Redstone 2. Оно станет вторым крупным обновлением Windows 10 с момента ее выхода. Выпуск планшета перенесен с осени 2016 г. на весну 2017 года

Более ранние утечки сообщали о новом стилусе Surface Pen, USB Type-C и улучшенной камере. Предположительная цена на Surface Pro 5 стартует от $899 за конфигурацию с Intel Core i5 и до $1599 за топовый вариант с Intel Corel i7 Extreme.


Surface Pro 5 Releasing in Spring 2017 with Kaby Lake Processors and 16GB RAM

We all know that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 has been delayed and will not be released this year. Instead, the device will now be launched next year, probably in the spring of 2017. One of the major reasons why the company delayed the hybrid laplet is because they want to use the seventh-gen Intel processors for the device. Well, some new leaked information confirms that news and tells us a bit more about the much-awaited device.

According to our sources from China (that have been fairly accurate in the past), the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be powered by Intel’s Kaby Lake processors. These 7th gen processors will draw lesser power, thus providing better battery life. Also, the device will be carrying a whopping 16GB of RAM that will provide ground-breaking multi-tasking capabilities. Of course, variants with lesser RAM will be available too for lower prices.

Our sources also tell us that the Surface Pro 5 might not come with 4K display as standard. Instead, the 4K resolution screen will be given in an optional variant for those who want to pay for it. Others who are not screen-enthusiasts will have to stick with 2K display we guess. The upcoming device will be seen flaunting new Nvidia Pascal or AMD Polaris GPUs, and we already know what beast of a performer the flagship GTX 1080 is. The Surface Pro 5 will come with Windows 10 Redstone 2.

Do note that the information we have received is also doing rounds on Weibo, so there are high chances of this being a genuine leak. But still, you should take such information with a grain of salt unless more concrete details arrive. Apart from today’s leak, other rumored features include USB Type-C, new Surface Pen, better cameras, etc. Rumored Surface Pro 5 pricing suggests a starting price of $899 for the i5 variant and a price tag of $1,599 for the top-level i7 Extreme variant. Meanwhile, Microsoft is also working on the Surface Phone that is rumored to get massive specs.

Опубликовано 08.06.16

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